Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Vincent Phillips, age given as 52, was doused with a flammable liquid, by this wife, whom then lit match and ignited him while he slept. Sounds serious, yes? Well, even more seriously, Vincent Phillips, the woman’s husband, is facing 1st-Degree Child Molestation charges for allegedly harming his 7-year-old step-daughter. The question is being raised, “What should happen to the woman who took the law into her own capable hands?” Doubtlessly, this matter will be soon presented to a court of law.

Tatanysha Hedman, aged 40, was so sickened by the perverse act allegedly committed against her small child, a daughter, 7 years in age, that in her fury she set her ‘husband’ intentionally on fire. Yes, waited for him to go to sleep, then doused him in with a combustible liquid, and did set a lit match to upon him. It is being debated by the public whether, or not, if it is acceptable that she did so, and has done. Hedman, herself, now faces assault and arson charges by area police in Renton, Washington, and currently remains jail awaiting disposition of her case. The public appears to be siding with her cause.
Tatanysha Hedman told responding police personnel that she did, in fact, admittedly, set Vincent Phillips, alleged pervert, on fire while he slept, because shooting him would have been, “Too nice.” A lot of concerned mothers out there are voicing their support, saying that normal court proceedings take such a matter too lightly, and often let the culprits off the hook nearly scott-free. Phillips was hospitalized after the retribution and is being charged with the alleged 1st-degree sex crime that he is supposed to have committed against a small person too little to properly defend herself.
Concerning this case in the state of Washington, in the USA, it is being given attention by groups supporting the cause of better treatment for the victims of sex molestation crimes. They are an often overlooked group of pained individuals. It must be asked, “Should Hedman’s mental state at the time result in a lenient sentence when it comes time for the criminal court to address her situation of the crimes she is being charged with?” Maybe, not the smartest idea to initiate a fire inside a residence, but as far as why, is there really a problem here? Many would say that her actions may have been because of ‘temporary insanity’ as such, or even, maybe, because of a certain clarity of mind which Hedman, mother, was then experiencing?
When it comes time for Phillips to be sentenced, if found guilty, for his betrayal of hearth, health and home, the public is hoping, that his sentence reflects the seriousness of the accusation of this most awful deed— AND THAT — Hedman’s sentence is far, far lesser than what Phillips may have coming. As a collective group many are fearful that Hedman will be too severely dealt with, and that Phillips, the accused child-molester, could be viewed with some kind of sympathy by the criminal courts. There are people working to insure that this does not become the case of the matter.
It can most likely be understood with absolute certainty, that even though the child’s mother, Tatanysha Hedman, is currently jailed while she awaits the determinations and findings by the powers-that-be, that her jailhouse associates are championing her cause and giving her plenty of free commissary items, no doubt. In the jailhouse a person of such stature is often considered to be a hero and can be, and often is, regularly celebrated. Inmates almost always show respect for a citizen who, fearing to be failed by the authorities, reaped a vendetta against a person involved in crimes against children.


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