Monday, January 4, 2016

Palmistry, or hand reading has been around for centuries, and there is a reason it has stood the test of time. With its roots  traced back to India, it is believed palmistry was born out of Hindu astrology.
Its popularity spread like wildfire, and is now known and learnt about worldwide. The great philosopher Aristotle even took a keen interest in it and passed on the knowledge to Alexander the Great.
It is thought to be a good way to interpret a persons character, or to gain a deeper understanding of them.
Cynics are quick to dismiss this practice as it goes against all their scientific beliefs. It is easy to see why people have become skeptical of it, but I personally love reading in to stuff like this.
Science always seems to claim one solution for all in their findings (particularly medical ones),  however, I believe that we are all very very different.
Not one of us is the same, and I find that utterly fascinating.
Just a quick search on the internet will show you how extensive the knowledge and research of this practice really is.
Many believe that your palm is the map to your soul and destiny.

Health problems are often expressed in our bracelet lines on the crease of our wrist.
If the lines are solid and unbroken it usually means you will have a long and healthy life.
If yours are broken and you want to get checked out, if this turns up anything half true, isn’t it better to know about these things sooner rather than later? What have you got to lose?
How many lines do you have on your wrist, 2, 3? Most people usually have 3 but if you’re lucky you may have 4.
To learn more about palmistry watch the video below.
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