Thursday, January 28, 2016

Transform your old bookcase into something entirely different with these fun and easy projects! There's a little something for everyone, so you're bound to find the perfect addition for your home.

Coffee Table Bookcase

Flip your old bookshelf onto its side and use it as the perfect coffee table. Learn how to make one for your own home by visiting the Beneath My Heart website.

Makeshift Sandbox

Bookshelves are also great for sandboxes. On shelf can be used to keep the sand toys organized and the other can be lined with a tarp and filled with sand - how clever!
Get the details on The Homes I Have Made webpage.

Bookshelf Garden

No room for a garden of your own? Repurpose and old bookshelf as a makeshift garden bed! Each herb will have its own section and will thrive with all of the room to grow.

Rollout Under-The-Bed Storage

Give the bookshelf a fresh coat of paint, attach decorative handles to the side and wheels to the bottom to make an easily accessible rollaway storage unit.
See how they made this gorgeous design yourself on the DIY Fun Ideas website.

Chic Beverage Cart

Serve drinks in style with this rolling beverage cart. Wheels, utensils, mixers and glasses are all you need to create this cool project!

Make An Instant Island

It's hard to believe, but this kitchen island is actually an upcycled bookcase! If this idea has piqued your interest, get the full set of instructions on the Golden Boys And Me page.

Bookcase To Lockers

Turn your bookcase on it's side, and in a few short steps you will have an instant set of lockers to keep your messy little ones at least a little organized!
See how they made this locker at

Kiddo Closet

If you have an extra-large bookshelf just taking up space, revamp it to hold your little one's clothing and diapers. This is great for rooms without closets or if you want to start filling the closet with clothes they'll need in the future!
Get the details on the Darling Stuff website.

Behind-The-Couch Table

This is absolutely perfect for families with babies! You can keep all your valuables within reach, but out of theirs! You'll have so much more room for activities with the coffee table out of the way.

Use an old bookshelf to keep your laundry room organized.

Get Crafty You Bookworm, You

You won't have to let go of your favorite bookshelf when it's become worn and torn. You can repurpose it to make any of these brilliant projects!


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