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The primary reason why many people meditate is simply to enhance focus, calm their minds and eventually attain that higher awareness level and inner calm. It is possible to meditate anywhere and anytime because there is really no appropriate set time, ideal for meditation. However, not many people know exactly how to meditate.

So, here is the guide on how to meditate and most important reasons to breathe deeply while meditating.

  • How To Meditate

First it is advisable for one to select a peaceful environment for their meditation. This will allow you to effectively focus on the meditation task because there will be no distraction that will bombard your mind and claim attention. It is also important to wear comfortable clothes because you have to be physically comfortable to avoid the distractions. Decide the duration at which the meditation will take place and make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable position that will not cause any distraction. Close your eyes while meditating especially if you are a beginner, it will help you concentrate more by blocking any external visual distractions.

  • Deep Breathing

Follow your breathing and take those very deep breaths slowly. Draw in as much air as you can and fill your lungs through your nose then slowly let it out through your mouth. The feeling is good and you will feel the oxygen being saturated within your body. Why should you breathe deeply? Outlined below are five reasons why you should breathe deeply.

1. Helps in Weight LossDeep breathing enables you to draw more air into your lungs which will in turn transport more oxygen into the heart. This has been known to increase the cardiovascular capacity leading to more oxygen being delivered to the cells the same way one does an aerobic exercise. The cells then in turn encourage fat burning as opposed to storing large amounts of glycogen.
2. Helps In Detoxification
The lymphatic system is usually responsible for getting rid of the body of toxins and any waste from the immune system. The lymphatic system lacks its own in-built pump like the heart and therefore relies solely on breathing and any physical movements in order to detoxify.
3. Relaxation
Deep breathing enables the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for the fight or flight response, to neutralize any form of stress and generate a calm feeling that results to adequate relaxation.

4. Pain Reduction In The Body
When you are in pain, breathing through the pain will result to blood oxygenation that will result to the release of endorphins which will contribute to the decrease of the pain levels and reduce body stress.
5. Mental Clarity
When your mind is bombarded with events that have happened both in the past and present, you are definitely distracted; therefore, taking a deep breath will enable you to have clearer thought processes. Deep breathes will result to the release of the happy hormones, endorphins and help you to become calmer. Simple breathing will prevent you from becoming stressed from your problems and enable you think clearly on the best solutions to them.

Breathing deeply is a simple act, but has a lot of benefits. Practice deep breathing regularly and you will notice many positive health benefits within your body which will enable you to lead a healthy lifestyle.
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