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Shedding unwanted fat comes with a number of inevitable benefits. Every human being will feel rejuvenated after achieving the desired body size but little do they know that losing weight also comes with negative feelings of mental, psychological and emotional effects. You might think that losing weight only leads to a better social life, but if you are not cautious you might end up in the worse situation.

Mental effects of weight loss may lead to a more adverse complications if not detected early enough and precautionary measures have to be taken in place. Regardless of the avenue used in weight lose quest, you will still experience both positive and negative effects. However, this might depend on the amount of pounds you lose in a given time frame.
Here are the top mental effects of weight loss you should consider avoiding.

This is one of the key psychological consequences of induced weight loss despite the procedure you followed for weight loss. This happens mostly when you fail to accept or take a longer time to accept your new body size. Losing about 25% of your body mass comes along with cost implications. Those are on a fixed budget experience a hard time when they are required to completely change their wardrobe with new cloths. Life becomes hectic in the short run as you try to accept your new body size and keeping up with the cost.
Some of us tend to have the fear of unknown. You don’t know what will happen next after you have reduced the unwanted fat. This mostly happens when you are required to adhere to a certain type of diet and maybe some workouts. Some of us may have challenges in meeting such requirements maybe due to our daily schedule and they tend to fear getting back to the initial state.
Drastic weight loss comes with inevitable side effects. It tends to affect your hormones which affect your psychology in return. According to a research carried out by medics, extreme hormonal imbalance have both physical and emotional effects including often mood swings. Some find it hard to keep up with the recommended diet since they are used to emotional eating.
Low self-esteem
Weight loss is always associated with stretch marks and other body disorders. To those who love night life and having fun at the beach, may have a hard time while selecting the dress code. Both night life and beach life needs you to be in short dresses and bikinis, but you must not expose your disfigured thighs full of stretch marks. It mostly affect ladies who feel out of place leading to low self-esteem and stress.
Some people embarking on weight loss quest end up getting disfigured body shapes or getting extremely slimmer and in worse situations than before. Such people end up in guilt regretting their actions which easily lead to stress and depression.
Losing the weight may be beneficial to your overall physical well-being but it can also have a negative impact on your mental health. Sometimes the loss of weight may lead to the mental effects which may require medical attention, but with an EHIC card you are guaranteed free treatment within the EU countries. However, you can still avoid the adverse mental effects by talking with someone over the matter and accepting your new body size.
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