Saturday, September 6, 2014

Who doesn’t want to look young, have glowing skin and feel beautiful? Here are a few secrets to be your most gorgeous self.
1. The top anti-aging secret is making sure you're doing what you love in life. 
Happiness creates a natural youthful glow in anyone. When you live your passions, you exude joy, which inspires you to make more choices based on your happiness and well-being. On the contrary, stress sucks the life out of you and encourages decisions based on reactions. To state the obvious, stress shows on the outside; this isn't rocket science.
2. Wear what you want to wear.
How you dress is an expression of yourself. If you feel young at heart; rock those Chuck Taylors, or whatever you want, for that matter. The whole concept of dressing your age has always seemed a bit strange to me. If you feel confident in it, just wear it.
3. Create a self-care routine.
It’s not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Start with one nurturing thing a day.
4. Have more sex.
I don’t think this needs explaining. If you don’t have a partner, you know what to do.
5. Don't get your panties in a bunch when you're "wrong."
It's a chance to grow, learn and expand. Look at it as an opportunity elevate, rather than trying to win points at a game of "rightness" that doesn't exist in life.
6. Create your own version of success.
Base it on your passion and what you truly value, rather than keeping up with Joneses.
7. Dance more often.
Dancing is good for the soul, no matter if you've got killer moves or not. In the streets, in your kitchen, at a party, in an exercise class, on a table, wherever. Bust a move.
8. Smile! 
Frowning gives you wrinkles (wink, wink).
9. Stop trying to be perfect.
Attempting to fit yourself into a box filled with lots of restrictions is the farthest you can get from enjoying your freedom. Embrace your perfectly imperfect self.
10. Express gratitude.
To yourself, your loved ones, your barista, to strangers. Sharing what you’re thankful for gets the love juices flowing through your body. It feels good. It also increases happiness in other peoples lives when they feel appreciated, which then increases your happiness seeing them joyful. You get the picture.
11. Say what you really want.
It saves a lot of time and energy. Skirting around issues for fear of conflict is not only exhausting, it's not honest, and it's counterproductive in creating intimacy. You glow when you speak your truth.
12. Do yoga.
We all know yoga has a long list of benefits for overall well-being of mind, body and spirit. If you’re scared of putting on tight pants, moving around like a frog and bending into a pretzel, start in your house. When you’re ready, go get your Zen on in a studio and talk about hemp milk after class; it's life changing.
13. Stop blaming.
It’s a waste of time. When you blame others, you give your power away. Take the steering wheel of your own life and focus on creating what you want. If something isn’t working for you, change it.
14. Realize that a certain size of jeans is not your source of happiness.
Neither is nitpicking your body apart with girlfriends as a way to create false intimacy. Talk about things that matter, inspire and uplift one another. This will create positive change in more lives than just yours.
15. Don't be afraid to make a fool of yourself.
You'll laugh your ass off at it down the road, and you'll be so glad you took the risk.
16. Don't believe people who tell you your dreams are impossible.
Especially if it has anything to do with your dreams. People tend to be afraid of risk takers because of their own issues. It has nothing to do with you. If you believe in it, keep tremendously interested in it.
17. Love your body, right now.
Stop waiting to wake up one day and look like a supermodel. When you appreciate it for what it is right now, it will show you tons of love back. You'll feel way more relaxed and confident as soon as you drop the pressure and case of should bombs.
18. Rest.
Relaxation refuels your body, inspires your soul and is just flat out fun. Take more naps.
19. Go on adventures.
Exploring something for the first time renews your zest for life. Nuff said.
20. Don’t take life so seriously.
You will end up having way more laughing fits and a damn good time.
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