Monday, September 1, 2014

A day ago we placed this quote on our fan page. 

It surprised us the overwhelming response we’ve got to this. 

Well, perhaps we all need to remind ourselves on our thoughts on a continues basis. 

Because negativity only need seconds to completely take control of our thought process. 

We want you to take a minute and really think about this quote.  REALLY think about it.

Buddha focused very much on our thought processes. His main focus was our mind and its attached thought process.  He said the Karma begins with your thinking and not after you act based on the foresaid thinking. Anyone focuses on negative things are more likely to become negative and have a negative life.  Likewise, you choose to focus and strive on positive things, your life can become positive beyond your wildest imagination.
You might wonder how it can be true. Well, I myself is a beneficiary of a positive thinking practice. it is not easy for any of us to completely eradicate negative thinking. However, we should start from the scratch to remove these thoughts that might drain our energy daily.
Recent studies show negativity form the same functional properties as addiction. Stress considered a main cause of negativity. Excessive stress creates a sensation of overwhelm. When people become overwhelmed it can ignites what is called the “Hole in the Soul” syndrome where people think, behave, and believe they are insufficient to meet the standard demands of life. As their stress escalates, these feelings of inadequacy begin to expand while their positivity begins to shrink.
If negativity tries to put you down try these 6 steps to chase it away
  • Take control of your brain: You’re mind is powerful. You choose positive or negative. It’s time to decide what you want to be.
  • Write a list of things that you are thankful for. Write a list of things that you have compared to many other people in this world.
  • Stop the negative words. Stop doubting you. Find motivation.
  • Find an inspiration, Inspiring personal and follow!
  • Find positive people around you and make them friends. Their vibe will energize you to be positive.
  • Enjoy every little moment of life. Be it with friends at playground, colleagues at office or family at home.

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