Tuesday, September 16, 2014

When you want something and can't have it due to a perceived lack of money, you don't feel good. That's the bottom line!

It's true that you can evolve your consciousness to the point where you don't 'need' as much, and therefore experience more inner contentment. However, 'dumbing down' your desires because you can't manifest what you really want points to a lack of mastery, and is not a 'spiritual quality' to be proud of.

Usually when we want more abundance in our lives, we have to grow in consciousness to allow that flow of wealth in. In truth, we have to recognise all the ways we are abundant right now, whilst looking to create ways to let more money and happiness flow into our experience.

The most disempowering thing I hear from earnest seekers on the spiritual path is that many Enlightened Beings were poor, and they often point to Jesus and Buddha. There is a sponsoring thought that, somehow, there is virtue in poverty.

There is none!

There is nothing virtuous about 'being poor', and scraping by. 

Of course, on the other hand, having material wealth does not bestow any virtue to us either! It can be a mental prison, locking us into the warped idea that we are somehow 'better' than all the other less-materially-abundant people around us.

So many ill-educated people continually compare themselves to others - and judge others if they don't 'measure up' to certain standards, which are ironically defined by a less-than-enlightened culture/society.

Yet that doesn't mean we shouldn't have material wealth.

When you you are materially abundant AND aware of your inner riches also, then you understand that the 'law of circulation' can be used to materially and spiritually bless others. You also will enjoy what you have, and stop the negative comparison to others. You may observe that others have less, or more, than you - but you will stop making judgments about them, and yourself!

Material manifestation is part of the spiritual path, make no mistake. There is no separation between the two aspects (material/spiritual) of Creation except in our minds. We are split inside ourselves because of erroneous teachings which have been passed down.

If materialization of our 'spirit' wasn't meant to be, then we wouldn't be here as incarnated souls. 

The choice isn't being 'material' OR 'spiritual'. We are here to embrace both material AND spiritual. To live in matter, but not be overly attached to the illusion. It is a question of discernment.

When you have money, you can provide for yourself -- you learn to manifest, and stop having 'root chakra' imbalances around money/security. You can also provide for your family (spouse and children), and if truly recognise your abundant nature, you will demonstrate loving kindness by giving to those less fortunate, and to organizations who are seeking to change many great imbalances in this world. You may even start your own business which employs others and gives them an opportunity to use their gifts in this world. 

There are many good things you can do with money - and you can't do certain things if you don't have money. Our world relies upon the exchange of currency to move energy. If you don't have 'enough money', then your personal energy is stuck, and it will feel limiting and/or frustrating.

When you see others having money, or enjoying money, does it trigger your perception of lack, and your judgments that that life is unfair? Do you have thoughts that 'money doesn't grow on trees' and other limiting beliefs?

Do you lash out at others who have lots of money? Do you resent those who are enjoying life, when you are not?

Do you equate earning money with 'hard work', and 'proving yourself'?

What are you beliefs about money and material wealth? Now would be a good time to revisit them, if life is not showing up as you would like it to, and if you are struggling to make ends meet all the time.

Know this: Enlightened Beings would never advocate poverty as a 'way to heaven' or 'way to nirvana'. 

Jesus said blessed are the 'poor in spirit'. By poor, he meant 'meek', so he was talking about being 'humble'. He asked people to turn away from material wealth, where appropriate, because he clearly saw that it was their attachment to material goods which was blinding them to their true nature.

Buddha did not despise or condemn money, but merely turned away from material wealth because it did not serve his Soul's agenda. Yet, that did not mean he could not manifest wealth if he truly wanted to! At that time, however, it was important for him to show the people that finding the Riches of the Inner Self was more important than simply having material pleasures. 

Buddha never said you couldn't have both, just that it was harder for those trapped in material desires to really know themselves.

All enlightened beings have said this.

Lao Tzu said, 'Simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.'

Often a person who returns to their Inner Being will seek a more simplistic lifestyle. Yet, that doesn't necessarily mean they can't have wealth, or won't have wealth.

OSHO was a master who constantly sought to shake up people's narrow conceptualisation of what it meant to be 'spiritual'. He sought to destroy 'fixed ideas' of what an enlightened master should be like. He was ultimately brought down by the agenda of a 'big brother' authority that hated him, because he was undermining the egoic structure of society, but his work lives on, and continues to spread posthumously today as the world becomes more self-aware.

When you choose to live your life on purpose, with integrity, you will surely come to know that you can have both material and spiritual comforts.

However, usually putting your spiritual nature first is vital, else you run the risk of falling into the illusion that material comforts alone will bring you the happiness you seek.

Seek your Spiritual Self first, and everything else will be added. This is the truth and ground of your Being.

If you are 'spiritual', know this: you can have and enjoy money, so long as you are not attached to it, and so long as you are not seeking to find your sense of self through having 'more and more money'.

It's certainly not 'spiritual materialism' to accept money when following your inner calling and using your gifts to help others -- especially if those gifts happen to be spiritual ones! The concept of 'spiritual materialism' is just a nonsense label created by those trapped in their egoic minds.

When people stop equating 'spirituality' with 'poverty', then many more people in the world will stop rejecting their innate spirituality. 

Jaime Tanna 


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