Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Concentration oriented meditation and contemplation oriented meditation are the two mainstreams of meditation. Of these two categories contemplation oriented meditation is the road to enlightenment and since it is not worldly phenomenon we deliberate in to more worldly observable fact of meditation call concentration oriented meditation.

There are so many ways of arriving at concentration through the meditation. It is simple as looking any kind of object for a long period of time to repeating any kind of word again and again. The main object of this type of meditation is to keep mind on the same object or word without deviating from it. After repetition of sessions and more you get practice more you accustomed to concentration.

Meditation And Your Health

Once you get the concentration and you familiar with it achieving the state of concentration more regularly is easy, so you are able to harvest the benefits of this stream of meditation.

Rise of the level of retention of memory is the most advantageous benefit that can be easily achieved by sustainable concentration. This is invaluable when one gets old and gradually losing his or her memory. Meditation and concentration bolster the sexual activities too. Although it's helpful in controlling abnormal sexual drive and sex related stress it aids the diseases like   and enjoy the sexual life more vigorously as sexual activities are mostly depending around the mind.

Everybody who meditates is fortunate to receive much needed awareness whatever the activity one is involved in. Nervousness can be easily suppressed with the practice of meditation. Long duration meditation and continuous concentration make oneself feel as if there is no observable fact call nervousness. Public speaking is so easy to concentrated mind. One will be able to make his or her day to day activities to the fullest with confidence.

The gravity of the interactions with other people can be minimized. Anger will not spring up without knowledge. Hate will reduce to the bottom of mind barrel. Stress will run out of the window. Whatever happens in the world will not affect the mindset of the meditate, he will be always calm and cool.



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