Monday, November 3, 2014

You may be wondering "Why should I drink tea. Can it actually do anything for me and my health?"
In fact, it can! Here are a just a few of the many benefits tea can offer to your health, skin and figure:
1. Faster metabolism
True tea, from the Camellia sinensis plant, including white, green, black, etc, contains both caffeine and EGCG which work in combination to raise resting metabolic rate, meaning a faster metabolism and burning more calories while at rest.
2. Better digestion
All teas, but especially Pu-erh Tea, a type of fermented tea, can help with digestion, breakdown of dietary fats, normalizing bowel movements and reducing bloating.
3. Younger-looking skin
Tea contains catechins and polyphenols which help maintain elastin and keep skin hydrated for skin that maintains itshealthy youthful look.
4. Clearer skin
Research into the active compounds in tea shows it has antimicrobial properties; these can help prevent pores from getting clogged with bacteria and turning into acne, meaning less breakouts.
5. Brighter, healthier skin
Tea contains antioxidants, which act as free radical scavengers; these can help prevent aging spots and maintain your skin's bright, youthful glow.
6. Better blood sugar regulation
By lowering the stress hormone cortisol, tea helps to improve blood sugar regulation. Better blood sugar control and less cortisol are key factors in slowing aging, including fewer wrinkles and less belly fat.
7. Weight control
In addition to the metabolic benefits, many people find drinking tea helps curb their appetite and reduce snacking, thus making it easier to manage their weight. But, maybe, not quite the Kendall Jenner extreme.
If you find these reasons compelling and want to start drinking tea, I encourage you to try a variety of different teas, including white, green, oolong, or pu-erh. There are many wonderful specialty and premium teas that are much better than plain ol' grocery store teas — you may just come to love tea for its taste as much as for its benefits.
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