Monday, May 25, 2015

Did you know that coconut is a very powerful natural oil which can kill bacteria responsible for tooth decay?
Irish scientists have tested coconut oil samples on streptococcus mutans. This is bacteria that glues to our teeth and causes dental erosion. For this reason coconut oil should be the main ingredient in toothpastes and mouth rinsing liquids. And it goes great with baking soda!
Coconut oil also kills the fungus Candida albicans very effectively (research) and is thought to play a major role in the manifestation of cancer. Common candida overgrowth symptoms include bad breath (halitosis), chronic fatigue, bloating, irritability, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, severe seasonal allergies, sensitivity to alcohol and products that come into contact with the skin such as deodorant and perfume.
To learn how to defeat a candida overgrowth naturally follow this link. To learn more about coconut oil follow this link.

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