Friday, June 19, 2015

He is completely terrified and half-starved. He lets nobody near him, but everything changes when he sees this girl lying in the streets.
For weeks, a dog is wandering through the mountains of Evans Creek all alone. Whenever a driver attempts to get close to him, the terrified animal flees. They name the massive dog “Bear.” But in the meantime, the four-legged critter isn’t bear-like at all. He is reduced to a mass of skin and bones.

Amanda Guarascio and Dylan Parkinson learn about the half-starved animal and decide to drive into the mountains and rescue him themselves. And astonishingly: they find him. He is collapsed on the edge of a sloping road. “We tried to lure him into our car with food for hours, but we didn’t get far,” tells Amanda. The dog, who so clearly needed help, wouldn’t let anyone near him.

So they tried something different. Amanda laid down on the ground and pretended to be injured. Centimeter by centimeter, she nudges herself closer to him, her back facing him. Whenever he begins growling, she rolls up into a ball. Then she crawls a bit closer. This goes on for hours. Dylan warns other drivers so that they don’t run her over as she lays in the middle of the street in the icy cold.
“But then I finally got next to him,” delights Amanda. Bear even cuddles up to her to warm her up. Amanda notices only now how much his ribs are sticking out from under his skin. But the two have won his trust! “From this moment on, we were determined that he wouldn’t run away again,” tells Amanda. “I had to carry him to the car and I cuddled with him the whole way to the vet.”
Bear finally received the help that he so desperately needed. And most importantly: he found two people who didn’t give up on rescuing him, despite the freezing cold.
Amanda and Dylan have done something absolutely astounding. They followed a plan for hours to save this dog and let nothing discourage them. 
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