Thursday, July 9, 2015

A rectangular nail
You simply can not cancel anything new, whether it comes to perfume, cosmetic or otherwise. By nature you are optimistic and enjoy life permanently. You know how to deduce and learn from everything that happens around you. If you set a goal, you’ll probably achieve it.
Adverse conditions may only delay the path to it, but not to stop you.
Trapezoidal nails
You are not accustomed to doubt in your forces and would not allow them to live with something that is wrong. You have a strong need to receive recognition from others and therefore react very strongly to criticism, especially if it relates to appearance. Among your compelling arguments are dynamism, energy and ability to tell – you’re always up to date with news from different scale.
Square nails
You are very normal person and have a peace of mind and inner peace. Prices extremely high independence.
Circular nails
You have talent as an architect, but between your deeds prevail air towers and sand castles. Sometimes you are too passionate and sentimental. Sometimes you unconsciously torturing guilt.
Sail nails
If nails are shaped like outdoor fan (the base is quite close) – you are too sensitive. Fragile soul and sense of justice not let you live in peace.


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