Friday, July 24, 2015

It used to be talking on cell phone’s while driving was the huge hazard while on the road.
Just as some cities have outlawed driving while on your cell phone and the awareness to “hang up and drive” has increased, you would think driving conditions would improve.
Instead they have gotten worse. Now we have nearly half of U.S. adults actually admitting to texting and checking their cellphones while driving. More than 98% of them also admit to knowing that it is wrong. Likely the number of texting drivers is even higher with many people not wanting to admit their ignorant guilt.
The phone has become an extension of our body. When we feel an itch on our head, we automatically go to scratch it. When we feel a vibration or a ring tone on our phone, we automatically go to look at it. Just as you can’t imagine having that lingering itch go unscratched, you probably can’t imagine that vibrating phone going unchecked. We have a piece of computer literally controlling our bodies and directing our urges.
Here is an excellent public service short film which absolutely nails it. This is what happens when people become so addicted to technology that they put themselves and others at deaths door because they never studied the effects. When you blindly buy into technological trends without understanding what they are doing to you, then you increase the chances of horrific scenarios occurring, which could have been completed avoided.

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