Saturday, August 8, 2015

Some studies say that the shape our feet can be related with our roots. So, based on the image bellow what are your Roots?

Some people (including scientists) believe it, see the opinion of Juan Ma. that, excited with this idea tried to collect some facts that can support the feet shape / roots relation.

Fact 1: Human genome determine several physical factors as skin, hair and eye color, shape of body and limbs, and so many more from baldness to disease tendencies.

Fact 2: Human Morphology is heritage dependent. (anthropometry)
Fact 3: There are other studies that revealed endemic tribal / family characteristics, like lack of fingerprints (adermatoglyphia) E.g.: in an outstanding number of Basque peoples.
Fact 4: We must consider mixed origins, since almost all races have mixed along the past 500 years. Very few and rare are the supposed “pure” lineages.


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