Friday, August 21, 2015

Ingrown nail is a common and painful condition that usually occurs on the big toe. It occurs when skin on one or both sides of the nail heals by its edges or when the nail overgrows in the skin by itself i.e. the soft tissue around the nail. Ingrown nail is usually a painful condition that can be associated with infection with the thumb. Most ingrown nails are chronic and tend to re-in grow and become infected.

Signs and symptoms of Unguis incarnates:
– Pain on the edge of the nail.
– The pain in increased when wearing tight shoes, especially the ones with narrow tips.
– It can be sensitive to pressure, even under the weight of the sheet.
– There can also be some signs of infection.
– Sometimes you can drain pus, or severe fluid mixed with blood.
You have probably at least once in your lifetime come across ingrown nail. Fortunately, this problem has a simple solution!
Makazum is automatically remover of ingrown nails. This device is small but has great potential!
By setting this device onto the nail and running water over it, after 20 minutes you will achieve great effect.
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