Friday, August 21, 2015

Kansans Aaron and Emma Whittington are the happy parents of a sweet baby named Mya. But as the baby turns 7 months old, she becomes sick with a bad fever and red lumps all over her throat. The concerned parents bring Mya to the hospital. The doctors think it is just an infection, prescribe her some antibiotics and send her home.

But the next morning Emma discovers that something is protruding from Mya’s throat! They race to the hospital again. As the doctor pulls at the end of the protruding object, she can’t believe her eyes: a 2 inch (5 cm) feather emerges!

How did a feather get inside this baby? At the hospital, they suspect that Mya had swallowed the feather at some point and that it became stuck in her throat. Then, her body attempted to reject the foreign body through migration. In hindsight, much has become clear to the mother: “I remember how she cried and had constantly scratched at her throat - I thought she was getting her baby teeth!”

After her treatment, Mya is in good health again and as happy as a lark. And her parents are indescribably relieved! But parents decided to keep the feathered culprit in custody as a souvenir: so that their daughter sees later that she was the baby with the feather growing out of her.

The little Mya was quite lucky considering the circumstances! Really strange! When this baby, with the feather growing out of her, also completely astounded you, then share this unusual story! 



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