Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ivette Ivens is a young mother and photographer from Chicago. Shortly after giving birth to her second son, she stumbles across an almost fateful advertisement while flipping through a newspaper.

A puppy is for sale. The little French Bulldog is named Farley. Ivette knows immediately that it was meant to be after she saw its date of birth. It was the same day that her son Dilan was born.

The dog and the baby have been inseparable since Farley joined the family 5 months ago. He follows Dilan everywhere and the two behave like twin brothers. They are both going through a growth spurt where they instantly stuff anything within reach in their mouth and gnaw away.

Ivette keeps shooting enchanting photos that melt your heart at first glance, leaving no doubt that these are true brothers from another den mother!

Joint potty training just wouldn’t be the same without the proper, matching equipment!

And every nap is spent cuddled up close next to each other.

If these photos also made you smile then share them with your friends and gift them some joy! They’ll definitely love the story of these two cross-species brothers.



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