Friday, August 7, 2015

We all know that if we don’t use specific group of muscles for some time, they will weaken over time.

For example, if someone hurt his leg and he uses a wheelchair for some time, his leg will become weaker and weaker. The same goes with your muscles around your eye.

If you wear glasses and you don’t do exercises with your eyes, your vision will become weaker. The eye muscles need exercises as every other muscle in our body.

You will need the following roles in the process of restoration of your vision:

  • It is recommended to close your eyes for a few minutes on every 2-3 hours and avoid hard pressure on them.
  • You will need to implement gymnastics for your eyes. There are 16 exercises for your eye.(follow these lines with your eyes)
  • Don’t wear glasses
  • Massage specific spots everyday

You can apply light pressure on your eyeball with the tips of your middle and index finger. Press lightly so you don’t feel pain. Then with your index finger press these points.

  • While walking outside look into distance
  • Consume carrot juices with few drops of olive oil regularly
  • Clean your eyes with warm water
  • Try not to use laptop or PC at least 2 hours before sleeping.
  • To establish your vision implement the Indian exercise Trataka.

Trataka is a form of meditation where you have to focus at moderate distance concentrating at a specific point (candle light, black spot, small object) for strengthening of the eyesight, stimulating the third eye and developing focus. 

First you will have to focus on some object or a symbol and stare at it continuously with paying attention on every thought and emotion. You will have to release them in order to have your mind focused on the symbol with pure thoughts.

If tears start to come from your eyes, close them down and leave them to rest.  The main point of Trataka is to stand as much as you can, before you have tears flowing from your eyes.


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