Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Are you being tired all the time, or getting sick constantly, well that is your body letting you know that you are not getting enough quality sleep. It doesn’t matter if you exercise or eat healthy foods, if you are not getting enough sleep your health is endangered. According to a recent study, daytime naps are very helpful in improvingthe overall function of thebrain. The study also discovered that daytime naps help in converting the short-term memories into long-term ones by deleting the temporary information from  the storage part of the brain freeing room for new information. 

Amazing Health Benefits of Daytime Naps
1. Daytime napping helps you lose weight
Lack of sleep affects your hormones -ghrelin and leptin. These hormones are also known as the hunger hormones because they are responsible for your appetite, and when they are not functioning properly, you eat more. Daytime napping helps you keep these hormones in balance.
2. Daytime napping improves memory
The researchers have discovered that daytime naps help you improve the overall function of the brain, helping it to easily convert the short-term memories into long-term ones by freeing the temporary storage part of the brain making room for new information.
3. Daytime nap helps with premature aging
Sleep helps rejuvenate your skin by producing growth hormones which renew old cells.That is the reason why it’s called the “beauty sleep”.
4. Napping aids in cell repair
During sleep, our body is repairing itself by producing proteins that helps repair the damage done to our bodies during the day such as toxins and stress.Napping boosts growth hormone production which is responsible for muscular and tissue damage repairs.
5. Daytime Napping Improves Performance
Daytime napping boosts your physical and mental activity. If you exercise a lot, napping will lead you to better athletic performance and help you recover better. Researchers stated that the ideal time for a nap should be between 20 to 40 minutes, which is the time before you enter into deep sleep.
Magnesium can help you in relaxing the muscles and calming the nerves, which is very helpful if you want to get a good sleep.


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