Thursday, September 24, 2015

Every Wednesday the 3-year-old Olivia Swedberg, from Nebraska, goes to Gymnastics. She also knows the movie "Frozen" almost by heart! She'd rather wear a princess dress than pants. The sassy, little blonde is the pride and joy of her mother Lauressa and her father Brock.

The lively child seems to be enjoying excellent health. But, nobody knows that there has been a humor hiding in Olivia's skull since she was born. When the doctors discover it, the news is devastating: the tumor is inoperable because of its position and cannot be fully eradicated, even with chemotherapy. Therefore, the parents make the most difficult decision of their lives!

Olivia, called "Little O" by her parents, will continue to live as long as she is able. No radiation, no medication to break her spirit. She will not become a shadow of her true self to live a few weeks longer. Olivia is to live the rest months of her life full of joy, happiness, and eternal memories.

Olivia's parents do everything in their power to realize this: they celebrate princesses parties, goes on vacation in the tropics, she even swims with dolphins! This is her last happy memory. Ten days later, the girl succumbs to her illness. But with her death, she saves three people's lives!

Lauressa and her husband decide to donate the organs of their little daughter. Since Olivia was not given drugs to extend her hopeless struggle, this is possible.
And her liver takes an incredible path! While Olivia is dying, a woman contacts her on Facebook. She wants to show the mother the fate of the little Lucas Goeller. The terminally ill 2-year-old could be saved by an organ donor!

Lauressa sees Lucas's little face, his swollen belly, his scrawny arms and legs. They know that if their daughter passes, her liver could give the boy new life again! They arrange everything for a direct donation. One day after the death of her 3-year-old she receives the message: the liver was transplanted in their child. However, Lauressa do not know who received the liver. With trembling fingers, she opens Lucas' Facebook page on their smartphone ...

The message triggers so many emotions in the grieving mother that she can hardly put it into words. "I woke up, knowing that my daughter had died. But when I saw Lucas' status, that he had received the liver, I felt such peace and comfort in knowing that he would continue to live, "says Lauressa. "I grieve and weep, but I take courage from knowing that Olivia has saved this little boy."

Jessica Goeller, the mother of the rescued 2-year-old, is caught in a whirlwind of emotions. When she learns that Olivia donated more organs to a second boy named Angelo Giorno, she arranges a meeting for the unusually related parents.  

For Angelo, Olivia's help comes too late. Because he was born too early, his organs were not developed, unable to function as they should. Even Olivia's wonderful donation could not save him. But a total of 5 of her organs - heart, liver, kidneys, intestines and pancreas, as well as one of her eyes were removed.

With her kidney, she saves a 22-year-old man. Her pancreas and intestines give the small Angelo a few precious happy weeks. Her heart gives a 1-year-old a new life. Her eye helps a blind man to see. And her liver gave Lucas his life back. And it brought him a quality of life that he had not yet known.

The 2-year-old spent most of his young life in the hospital. His severe kidney disease confined him to his bed, he could not sit up, do not run. His body could not build muscle muscles due to the condition and the little boy was doomed to die. But, Olivia's body made the unthinkable possible. Meanwhile, Lucas is at home, he can run and play all day!  

This is a meaningful consolation for Lauressa and Brock. Having so suddenly lost her daughter, she barely had time to thoroughly reconsider her decision about the organ donation. Now they know it was the right thing to do. Lucas's daily progress helps them endure their unspeakable loss.

If this sad, yet wonderful, story of the 3-year-old princess also went straight to your heart, then share it with everyone you know. Organ donation is a topic that everyone should consider!



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