Friday, September 4, 2015

Babette Jaquish is from Wisconsin. The second love of her life is the big one. A farmer conquers her heart in a flurry and he is enchanted by the lively, happy woman. The two marry in 2000.

The couple lives a happy life as farmers in harmony with nature. Babette has given birth to 8 children over her life and has recently become a proud grandma. She enjoys her life to the fullest. But, just 6 years after their wedding, something unthinkable happens!

Babette is diagnosed with multiple myeloma or Kahler’s disease. The cancer sits in her bone marrow. It devours her bones and organs. Slowly, but steadily. The whole family fights 9 long years for Babette’s life.

On November 17th, 2014 the long fight is over. 22 different cancer treatments couldn’t rescue the mother, wife, grandma, and friend. Don is devastated. “All who met Babette fell in love with her. I was simply the lucky one whom she fell in love with,” says the mourning widower.

“She was just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside,” continues Don. The mourning for his wife paralyzes the man for months. But, then it changes suddenly into activism: with an incredible outcome! “She was known in our community as the sunflower lady,” he explains as he lets something special come to mind, slaving on it for weeks…

With inexhaustible persistence, Don gets to work. And after 75 days, he is rewarded with a completely unforgettable sight. A 4-mile long track of land planted with Babette’s favorite flower on the edge of Highway 85. Countless drivers now are greeted daily on their way with the fantastic sight of the lush, blooming marvel. And the extraordinary monument also has another purpose …

The sunflowers will be harvested and sold. The proceeds will go to fund cancer research. And the idea came from Babette herself! She was, however, too sick to begin the undertaking and her husband was too consumed by his self-sacrificing care for his wife. Now he can realize these plans in a wonderful way while constructing an unforgettable monument that he would like to recreate every year.

Even the grandchildren connect the gigantic sunflower path with the sunny disposition of their grandma Babette. This wonderful memento really moves you to tears. Show it to everyone that you know and let them know about Babette and her wonderful family!



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