Thursday, September 10, 2015

Instead of using drugs or any kind of healing means, our ancestors used these coatings for improving general health. If you want to improve circulation, purify the body and blood, treat yourself and act preventively when you get sick, we suggest you to use onion coatings on the feet. There is a popular saying that everything “comes” from the legs, so this recipe will allow health come through your feet 

If you want to purify your body naturally, improve circulation, without any medications, this method is great for you because it has antibacterial properties. All you need to start practicing this method is an onion, transparent foil and warm socks. Cut the onions into thin circles and let them stay few minutes until the juice appear. Place the onion circles on the feet, wrap them with the transparent foil and put on some thick and warm socks, wool socks are the best choice since they allow better warmth on the feet. The initial method does not include a transparent foil, but it is recommended because it will hold the onion firmly attached to the feet and prevent spread of unpleasant smell. You should apply the coating before sleeping, so the coating acts overnight.  In case you have a sensitive skin, and onions erode your feet, apply some oily cream or almond oil on them. When you get up, remove the onion coating, wash your feet with cold water and put on wool socks in order to warm them up. This will allow a rapid circulation of the blood even in the smallest blood veins.

There are many beneficial ingredients of the onion that will penetrate through the skin into your bloodstream, thus purifying your blood, acting antibacterial, improving the blood circulation and drawing impurities from the body. It is especially recommended for people who suffer from diabetes and poor circulation.
When choosing which onion to take, the best choice is the homegrown hot one, the hotter it is the better healing abilities it has.
Onion coating can be used for any kind of health problems, but it can also be used by healthy people. If you have cold, flu, inflammation of the lungs or throat, or fever, try this method, and your condition will be improved even the next day. If you use this method against colds and flu, practice it until the symptoms are gone. If you want to clean the body and blood practice it from time to time.


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