Wednesday, October 21, 2015

It's supposed to be a lovely day at the beach for the Finney family from Huntington Beach in California. Eugene (the dad) and his girlfriend spend the day together at a crowded beach with their children Temple (10) and Turner (6).

Eugene goes swimming in hte ocean. Suddenly he's hit by a massive wave and is pulled underwater. He tries to surface, but feels a sudden blow and stinging pain on his back. "I've never been hit so bad. It was out of no where and I had really bad whiplash," remembers the father of two. He staggers ashore afterward.

When his little daughter sees his back she asks terrified: "Daddy, why is your back covered in blood?" Eugene then realizes: it was a shark! He has bitmarks on his shoulder and a large wound on his back. Sharks frequent this beach often and great white sharks are often spotted. Eugene is relieved that he managed to escape with just a few "scratches."

Eugene returns to work in Massachusetts at the Fitchburg Art Museum. The wounds begin to heal, but Eugene begins to feel a strange pain in his back which begins spreading to his chest. He has problems sleeping so he decided to go to the doctor. He has an unbelievable diagnosis for him!

Eugene went to the doctor, terrified that the shark had caused serious harm to him. It turns out he was correct. A massive bruise, deep under his skin was found by the doctors. The doctors also find something else terrifying: cancer! A tumor on his liver. The fit and active 39-year-old can't believe it.

The tumor is already the size of a walnut, yet an operation is possible. The tumor is removed and Eugene doesn't even need chemo. All that thanks to a shark attack! Otherwise, the 39-year-old would have never gone to the doctor for such a trifle.

Eugene can hardly believe his luck: "It feels like I got a second chance for life. I won't waste it," he says. When you find this unconventional form of help just as spectacular as I did, then share this article with everyone you know! Fate can sometimes be so kind.

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