Saturday, October 24, 2015

A – Wide space between index and middle finger
You want to be independent, not to be controlled. You always feel like you will be doing well alone no matter when and where. You also like to have personal space to think. You are a straightforward person. You’re not afraid of being criticized and this makes others admire you, although most of them won’t tell you directly, because you give the vibe that you are hard to approach.
B – Wide space between middle and ring finger
You are kind of person that is rebellious and who wants freedom of self-expression. Instead of being a prisoner of circumstances, you override them and are bold enough to turn them to suit your wants and needs. You always make the best out of your situation.
C – Wide space between ring and little finger
You have a very independent mind and you are self-willed and self-directing individual who enjoys a high degree of freedom of action and you don’t like to be dictated by others under pressure. You are naturally an intelligent person and you have the ability to lead others when working in a team.
D – Close/narrow space between index and middle finger
You are a talented person who is able to do many things and have many skills, but you are no the type that tries to live up to others’ expectations because in the future, you will gain authority and rank through your own goals and dreams, not affected by the influences of your parents or people around you.
E – Close/narrow space between middle and ring finger
You have practical outlook, common sense, wisdom and balance of mind. You are also full of energy and enthusiasm, talent and appreciation for art and beauty. You know your qualities and you’re smart enough to use them for your advantage in the future.

Source: Spiritofbuddhism


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