Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Everything that Sarah and Andy Justice from Tulsa, Oklahoma wanted for their perfect family was a baby. But, no one planned what came next.
Sarah and Andy have known each other since their time together at college. The two first became the inseparable couple they are today there. After graduating, they marry and want to start a family. But this wish remains unfulfilled.

No one can say exactly what is the cause. The both only know that they don't have the $60,000 for the artificial insemination. So they decide to adopt. Everything seems perfect: they find a woman who is already heavily pregnant but has already given her child away for adoption. Shortly before the birth comes a big surprise:

The woman is expecting not just one baby, but THREE. The mistake was a mystery to everyone. The mother was most likely not entirely honest and did not want to endanger the adoption. But Sarah and Andy don't hesitate for a moment and stand by their word: they didn't want anything else in this world more than these children. And that is how they became the proud parents of Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth.

Born just 8 months old, the trio still needed medical attention. But everything else goes exactly as planned. Actually, the next shock came right there in the hospital!

Sarah is pregnant! What is normally the most beautiful news for a woman is almost a cruel stroke of fate. No one can explain it, but it was clear: the family was going to get bigger!

Because of her medical history, Sarah's pregnancy is classified as dangerous. And the next bombshell comes at her first checkup: Sarah isn't pregnant with just one child, but twins! She can still remember the confused feelings the news triggered in her. With her voice trembling she calls Andy who asks, "Well, is it a boy or a girl?" She gives some um's and err's, "Well, ONE will be a boy..." and then comes the long silence! Then Andy gets the hint and gasps. "Don't worry dear. We'll manage!" What a moment!

And so was Andrew ... 

... and Abigail born six months later, making their family perfect. From the bleak prospect to never have children to becoming the parents of 5 in world record time!

Naturally, the first few weeks and months were a hard period for the two. The little gang uses 300 diapers in one week alone. And forget about a normal sleep schedule!

But one thing is certain: they are simply thankful and happy that everything happened this way. Sarah says, "If I could turn back time, we would do the exact same thing. Everything is perfect like it is. Our 5 kids are the biggest treasure on Earth!" Then the two look at each other and smile ...

Sometimes fate is simply too kind to some people. But for Sarah and Andy, they gave them the most beautiful gift possible.
Share this story of this family blessed by fate. It shows that it always pays off to look forward hopefully.

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