Monday, November 9, 2015

Next to apples, they are everyone's favorite fruit - bananas. If you eat 2 bananas a day you will experience how energized and fit you'll feel. These 7 properties will show you why.

Americans eat, on average, 27 pounds of bananas a year. Botanically speaking, a banana is actually a berry so belongs to the same family as cucumbers, tomatoes, or pumpkins. But the powers hidden inside this yellow fruit, are something hardly anyone knows about. For bananas contain various supplements that can provide some serious relief to various symptoms. The banana is quasi a miracle weapon.
Energy Boost

If you eat one or two bananas before working out, it'll give you so much energy that working out for an hour or so will be absolutely no problem. It's vitamins and minerals support your body in kicking it into gear for working out while the potassium will prevent muscle cramps.


The crooked, yellow fruits can help you over come depression or the winter blues since they contain a large dose of the aminoacid tryptophan, a mineral that is turned into serotonin by your body. Serotonin is a semiochemical that is released directly by your brain. It's also called the "happy hormone," because it makes use happy and satisfied. So bananas can actually help you get over feeling down.
Blood Pressure

Bananas can help you fight high blood pressure and protect you from a stroke or heart attack. They contain little sodium but are very reach in potassium which makes them the perfect food for people with heart disease.

If you're anemic, bananas are the perfect supplement for you because they are full of iron, which your body needs to make red blood cells and hemoglobin. They stimulate and strengthen your body's blood supply.
Bad Mood

You're in a bad mood. So grab a banana and you'll perk right up again. They help to regulate your blood sugar levels and are rich in B vitamins which have a calming effect on your nerves. They'll improve your mood and help you to get through the day more relaxed.
Stomach Ulcers

If you're suffering from stomach ulcers, it's HANDS OFF from a ton of food. But bananas are no problem. The smooth, soft texture of the fruit coats your stomach lining with a film which will protect it from irritating acids and other irritants. When it's very hot outside during the summer, you can eat bananas to lower your body's temperature. The same is true for fevers as bananas can help to lower the fever.

The banana is nature's acid reflux help. If you have heartburn, eating a banana can provide relief immediately while helping to fight the symptoms. 
The yellow, crooked fruit is really a marvel of nature and is so perfectly packed that it fits in any purse or bag. It'll nip any hunger attack in the bud before it breaks out and fills you up like a whole meal. It also will pep up your mood and ensures for good mood and a healthy body the whole day. If that's not a few good reasons enough to grab a couple at the beginning of every day, I don't know what is!
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