Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ginger is widely used in the treatment of many diseases due to its powerful healing properties. Recently, it has been proved that ginger can even cure cancer.

It is commonly known that turmeric is very efficient in destroying cancer cells. However, the latest research has found that ginger is almost equally effective. Furthermore, ginger is even more powerful in killing cancer cells than certain cytostatic drugs.

The Power Of Ginger

The Georgia State University conducted a study in which they found that whole ginger extract reduced the size of prostate cancer in mice by 56%. Additionally, ginger significantly reduced inflammation and provided the mice with antioxidants.

Ginger contains an active compound known as 6-shogaol which is more effective than conventional cancer medications and chemotherapy since it directly attacks the breast cancer stem cells, according to a study published in PLoS.

These cells are also known as “mother cells” and they are the cause of a number of cancers. The stem cells create the different “daughter cells” which further develop into a tumor colony. Moreover, cancer stem cells make up only 0.2 to 1% of the tumor cell, but the problem is that they are almost indestructible.

Namely, these cancer cells have the ability to regenerate and are capable of continuous differentiation. Additionally, they can split off and form new tumor colonies which are resistant to conventional chemotherapy. The only way cancer can be cured is by destroying the stem cells.

6-shogaol was proved to be very effective in killing the stem cancer cells. This active compound is formed when the root is dried or cooked. 6-shogaol is more powerful than chemotherapy. Also, it has selective cytotoxicity, which means that it only attacks the malignant cells, and protects the healthy ones.

Moreover, it can destroy breast cancer cells as well through the induction of autophagy. Also, it prevents the formation of breast cancer lumps (spheroids).

The study examined the effects of the cancer medication called taxol and it found that this drug is less effective in destroying cancer stem cells than 6-shogaol. Even with increased concentration of taxol, 6-shogaol was 10.000 times more powerful in killing cancer stem cells, preventing tumor growth, and keeping healthy cells intact.


  1. This pseudo-science nonsense article implies cancer can be cured with a sushi garnish Think a minute. Suppose you were diagnosed with cancer....NOT THAT ANYONE SHOULD WISH IT...but only suppose... Would you refuse conventional therapy in favor of treatment with ginger ? Really?