Monday, December 28, 2015

We have all been affected by toothache in some period of our lives and we all know how bothering and unbearable it could be. The reasons for the toothache can be different and among the most common are: damage or loss of teeth, tooth decay, infections and removal of a certain tooth.

The following are some ingredients and method how to use them in order to prevent toothache that has been caused by abscess or other infection:
Natural remedies that can sooth your toothache:
  • oregano oil (could be used topically and internally)
  • colloidal silver (local, internal and for rinsing)
  • Warm salt water ( for additional rinsing)
  • Wild oregano oil
How to use them: You can just put few drops of this oil under the tongue and leave it like that for several minutes, after that rinse with colloidal silver. Spit the colloidal silver, and then additionally swallow little bit of it (up to 250 ml in one day). After several minutes, rub the oregano oil in the area around the gums. Between washing with colloidal silver also rinse your oral cavity using pretty warm salt water (preferably sea salt) and still massage oil oregano on the gums. Repeat this procedure every hour during the day.

Some Other Natural Remedies for Toothache:

Ginger root
Remove the bark and cut the ginger on pieces. Place them on the top of the painful tooth and bite it. You will notice how your pain will start gradually decreasing. Keep the rest pieces in the fridge and repeat the procedure.
Black cumin oil
Make a solution of ½ teaspoon vinegar and a teaspoon of black cumin oil (Nigella Sativa). Heat this and leave the mixture to cool down. Use this for rinses to prevent inflammations and infections in your mouth.
Essential clove oil
The aromatic chemical from the clove, called eugenol, kills bacteria and relieves pain. Just soak a cotton ball in the oil and apply it over the inflamed tooth. If you find it necessary repeat the procedure.
Use cold compresses or other cold stuff to get rid of the unbearable pain. Place the compress on the outside and it will temporarily relieve your pain.
Note: if the toothache still goes on or if it gets even worse visit your dentist immediately.


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