Tuesday, December 29, 2015

for those who still have to wear a tie on occasion but can never remember how to tie it, or for those who are wearing one for the first time and are looking at this long piece of material and wondering how on earth it's supposed to end up looking all nice and neat around their neck, this tutorial by the Crazy Russian Hacker is for you. 

Tara Kulakov, better known as the Crazy Russian Hacker according to Tech Insider, has a YouTube channel full of all kinds of cool science videos. In this particular video, Kulakov shows people how to tie a tie without having to have it around the neck. The tie is placed on a table, and a series of loops is made to form the knot. Supposedly, if you do the sequence right, the knot is "perfect every time." 

If you find this tutorial too difficult to follow, the internet is full of sites that you can Google to walk you through the steps. Tie-a-Tie gives you the choice of tying a Four in Hand Knot, a Pratt Knot, a Windsor Knot, and a Half Windsor Knot. A multitude of other site and self-help videos are also out on the Web to give you a helping hand.

The Crazy Russian Hacker's technique is truly a unique take on how to tie a tie. Getting perfect results every time, though, may make trying this technique worthwhile.

source  sfglobe.com/


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