Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tis the season to be jolly!

However…it’s also the season most delivery guys dread!
December is by far the busiest month for all mail services, as people across the world attempt to stay connected and spread the Christmas cheer. :)  This month post office experts across the globe are expecting to break a new record.
Between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve they are expecting to deliver an estimated 12.7 billion cards, letters, and packages. Heck that’s a lot of stuff!
This family took in to consideration  the hard work delivery men do this time of year, and to show their gratitude, they decided to tip their  delivery guy.  His reaction?  Nothing short of brilliant!

Watch the full video below:

Drivers like this have to work extra hard over the next few weeks to meet demands.
They are out doing their round come rain or shine, and often have to work through dangerously icy, and snowy conditions.
So why don’t show some appreciation for the men and women who deliver your mail by leaving them a small tip, it doesn’t have to be much. If this reaction is anything to go off, I’m guessing that you will probably make their week.
The way this guy reacted was totally unexpected. I wish I could Irish jig like this guy, he looks like a complete pro!
Hats off to this guy. We hope he has a wonderful christmas and gets to spend at least some of it with the people he loves.
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