Monday, December 28, 2015

The saddest stories, in my opinion, are about sick children and babies.  What’s even more sad are those about babies who have curable diseases or conditions that can be reversed through surgery but their family has no means to pay for the medical bills. There is one baby in China who urgently needs surgery as he was born without an anus but the family cannot afford it.
Baby Guo Enze from Shanxi province is 80 days old. He weighs only 5 pounds.

When he was born he had an imperforate anus which means that part of his body is blocked and he can’t excrete.

Desperate for help, the baby’s grandmother has now relied on social media to seek assistance as the baby’s skin is turning blue and doesn’t look like other children.
She said: “Please help save my grandson who is 80 days old but has never seen the sun yet.”

It’s not possible for all his family members to give financial assistance for his surgery. Both his parents are migrant workers. His mother Ren Minge is mentally ill while his father Guo Hongqing is still recovering as he suffered a bone fracture from a work accident in 2013. Both his grandparents who live with them are also ill.
The family’s sole breadwinner is the father Hongqing, a factory worker with a monthly salary of $325.

Typically, in cases like this, doctors would operate immediately. However, they have not done so this time, because the family can’t afford the medical bills.

Please share his story so they can get the medical assistance he desperately needs.


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