Thursday, December 31, 2015

The little Kirill has lived in a Kazakh orphanage for the last 4 years. The carers have long given up hope that he will be adopted. He was born without a right hand and in his home country of Kazakhstan, nobody wants a disabled child. This is also the reason why just 20 days after he was born, his parents threw him out. The abandoned child endures many sad years at the orphanage. More and more of his friends slowly get adopted, and he remains on alone. 

But on one day everything changes: through an unbelievable twist of fate, the Canadian couple Doug and Lesley Facey, were drawn to the young boy. They had both wished for a child, and when they saw Kirill it was clear, that they wanted him. Despite his disability - or perhaps because of the particularity. The terrible thing is: even the warden tried to talk the pair out of the adoption: "Do you really want a child with only one hand?" But the couple knew exactly what they were doing.

When Kirill arrived at the airport and met his grandfather for the first time, a huge surprise awaited him: Dave's father was also born with just one hand. The successful businessman and sportsman knelt before his new grandson and, without saying a word, held out his arm to him. It was a magical moment, when Kirill encounted someone like himself. The room was silent and everyone held their breath. When the boy felt the older man's stump they immediately felt a connection. He knew that he was no longer alone and that this was the perfect family for him.

Since then the happy little family have been having a great life. Kirill is continually getting better at English, quickly made friends and received the support that he needed. "My dad has shown that he can manage anything that he wants. He is a prestigious businessman, competed in the Paralympics and still shows us how to master life every day." It's for this reason that Dave is sure, that Kirill will grow up with all the possibilities that he had. And Kirill enjoys the secret handshake that he and his grandfather share. Stump to stump.

If this story also moved you and gave you hope, then share the wonderful moment with all of your friends. 



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