Saturday, January 2, 2016

The thyroid gland looks like butterfly and its normal weigh is less than one ounce.It is located below the Adams apple in the front part of the neck. This gland produces hormones that go through the entire body and has influence on growth and development, metabolism and body temperature. Magnesium and iodine are crucial for its proper function and health. With this simple test you can find out if your body has enough iodine for proper thyroid gland function. 

Apply iodine tincture on the inside of your wrist with a size of postage stamp. Observe the brown stain in the next 24 hours. If it fades it is a sign that there isn’t enough iodine for normal thyroid gland function. In case you take medications for thyroid gland Iodine deficiency will prevent your body to use it properly.
  1. If you can, make this test after taking a shower in the morning but this is not crucial so you can do it any time you can.
  2. Apply iodine tincture on the inside of the wrist with a size of a postage stamp.
Note: You can purchase iodine in any pharmacy or drugstore but be sure that the tincture is orange not clear.
  1. It is obligatory to write the time when you have applied the tincture on the wrist.
  2. Pay attention to the patch’s color in the following 24 hours.
The faster the iodine color fades away the greater iodine deficiency is likely to be.
  1. Patch starts to slightly lighten after 24 hours – NORMAL
  2. Patch vanishes, or almost vanishes in 18-24 hours – MILD
  3. Patch vanishes, or almost vanishes in 12-18 hours – MODERATE
  4. Patch vanishes, or almost vanishes in 6-12 hours – SEVERE
  5. Patch vanishes, or almost vanishes in less than 6 hours – VERY SEVERE
Repeat Testing
In order to observe the need for iodine you should repeat this test every 1-2 weeks. When the iodine color stops fading within 24 hours you can normalize the iodine dosage.
Whole- food supplements are recommended. You can also seek for an advice by healthcare practitioner about Standard Process or Medi Herb options. Here below you can find about the amounts of iodine in the Standard Process and Medi Herb supplements:
 Prolamine Iodine—3mg
 Thyroid Complex (MH)—600mcg
 Iodomere—200mcg
 Trace Minerals B12—145mcg
 Organically Bound Minerals—250mcg
 Min Chex—300mcg
 Min Tran—50mcg
 Cataplex F (tablets)—95mcg


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