Wednesday, January 6, 2016

You may be familiar with these as shoe holders, but you can actually use these for so many of those household knick-knacks, as well as items you use everyday. Your knick-knack items can stay hidden behind a door, and your other items are still close and easily available.

These end up everywhere and often are lost. Save time by sticking them in a shoe organizer!
What a fun idea for an herb garden. Awesome idea for a variety of herbs to be grown in a shoe organizer. Your own herb garden! See how to make this here.

Wrap it up!

Great idea for storing wrapping paper. Simply cut out the bottoms of one section and those long tubes will fit and stay in place.

Snack stash!

Great storage idea for fruits and veggies. They will also be visible and hence remind you that you need to consume something healthy for snacks!

Hide your office!

You are essentially turning your closet into an office! This is great for filing away items, organizing important business receipts, not to mention storing supplies. Create your own office closet.

Keepin’ kids organized!

A great place to store you or your child’s art supplies!

Scarves finally have a home!

No need going through scarfs in a drawer anymore. Now you can have organized scarfs and immediately see and pick the one you want.

Outdoor supplies

Great for you go-to tools or gardening supplies.

Roll ’em up

Since children’s clothing is small you can easily fold them up and store in a shoe organizer.

Take it camping!

Great for going camping. You have all your camping supplies in one place, conveniently stored and ready to use.

Easy-to-reach first aid

Very important and very helpful when an emergency strikes. You can immediately go to the section you need, rather than frantically searching for the right bandage or ointment to use.

Cleaning Supplies

Don’t waste needed shelf space on cleaning supplies. Fit them into a shoe caddy. You can also add a closet-style shoe rack to store paper towels!

Love spraying paint?

Cans of spray paint fit perfectly into a shoe caddy. Two for each pocket!

Upgrade your utility closet!

Don’t lose track of your cords and chargers with a shoe caddy. Since cords all look the same, you can also label them to keep track of what they go to.

Keep Legos in one spot!

Legos scatter everywhere, but with a shoe caddy you can do your best to help kids keep them stored in one place.

Short on bathroom space?

Make more room in the bathroom cupboards and drawers by storing makeup and bathroom necessities in a shoe caddy.

Organize and entertain!

Keep kids entertained and organized while you’re on-the-go.

Simply save more space!

A shoe caddy is inexpensive, easy to carry along, and stores practically everything! Definitely time to see how these versatile organizers can save on space



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