Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Everybody loves a rags to riches story and this one won’t disappoint. Imagine trying to get rid of some old junk in an attempt to declutter your house, and finding out that you had a national treasure strewn across your sofa for YEARS.
It’s unfathomable, right? It’s no surprise that this man was utterly overwhelmed by his auction experience…

Take a look:

This actually brought a tear to my eye.

Imagine getting to his age and finding out he had that amount of money to spare. What on earth would you do with it? He may have paid off his families mortgages, or put it away for his grandkids, or perhaps even completed a later life bucket list.
I would probably retire somewhere in the sun if he hasn’t already. What a lucky man. It just goes to show you never really know what amazing entities lie in your home, especially if you are from a family that takes pride in passing down possessions.
Although money isn’t everything, it’s nice knowing that this man can finish his life on a high and not be stressed out by the burden of money like many of us are.
I know what I’m doing this weekend, I’m going to rummage through all the ‘junk’ in my house and hopefully I’ll come across something that will make me a millionaire!
A girl can dream.
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