Friday, January 8, 2016

Karla Jacinto is a gentle 12 year old, when she thought she'd found the love of her life. The older man promises to lay the world at her feet, that she is his princess, his one and only. Karla believes she can escape her poor parents' home and their close-knit hometown and runs away with the man. It is the biggest mistake of her life.

This man, who is a dream-man in the eyes of a child, turns out to be a pimp. He deals with many young girls like Karla! He tells the girl that from now on she has to turn tricks for him on the street. He brutally hits Karla, spits in her face and seriously injures her with an iron. Then he took the 12 year old with him to his hometown, Tenancingo, in Mexico - a city full of pimps! There he sells Karla. The girl is in a deep state of shock.

From 10 in the morning until midnight, Karla has to associate with suitors. Every day, for four years. She has to have 30 customers per day or more. The men have a deceitful method of preventing Karla from running away. They make it unmistakably clear: There is simply no one you can go to. Karla realised this through the customers, who were purposely sent to her. They were uniformed policemen, pastors, politicians. She couldn't have run to anyone, even if she wanted to.

At 16, there was finally an end to Karla'S martyrdom. She was released by an organisation of volunteers. Karla made a horrible calculation. Before her liberation in her 16th year, she was forced to have sex more than 43200 times. An unimaginable and gruesome number. But this girl, who in the meantime became a young woman, is not giving up.

Karla has joined her liberators. Every day she steps out against the immensely powerful system that makes young girls and women into slaves. This work brings danger into her life every day! "When I wake up in the morning I don't know if I will still be alive that evening.", said the now 23 year old. "Death lurks just around the next corning because I do what I do."

Karla and her colleagues continually free more and more young girls and boys from the violence of pimps, who's businesses are booming. The police in Tenancingo, where the majority of the Mexican pimps come from, purposely turn a blind eye. They themselves are up to their necks in these sordid dealings, just like the local politicians. This gives Karla's job the risk of death.

Karla's story left me with a heavy heart and ignites disgust. However she is not an isolated case. Over 2 million children worldwide live in situations like that of Karla's for four years. This must end. Share Karla's story if this fate also makes you angry and you would also like to raise more awareness of it.



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