Saturday, January 23, 2016

We usually get the advice for including fish in our diet because of its high protein content and less cholesterol. Also, it is easy to digest. Fish is rich in Omega 3; that is beneficial for decreasing cholesterol levels in our body. These facts are not true for all kind of fish. A fish known as Tilapia is remarkably different from all other fish that you choose to eat   

Tilapia is a white colored fish that does not cost much to breed. It is widely sold due to its low cost. It has a mild taste, and you can cook it following very easy recipes. It is boneless and lacks a skin covering. Many people find this fish delicious and enjoy eating it.
Nevertheless, serious issues are associated with consumption of Tilapia fish. Most of the times, it is not bred in natural and hygienic habitats.  People breed them in ponds in the factories or other forms of unclean water. The wild Tilapia found in rivers, and freshwater lakes feed themselves on plants and algae. The Tilapia selling in the markets has ingested unhygienic food and absorbed a significant amount of fertilizers that are harmful to animals and humans.
Moreover, to increase the lifespan of Tilapia and reproduction of the fish, people pour certain chemicals into the breeder ponds or containers. Often the fish is kept alive on cheap fish foods like corn and soy. These foods are available at a low cost, so they are widely used for breeding Tilapia.
These harmful chemicals accumulate in our body when we eat this fish. The proportion of the adverse effects of these chemicals exceeds the benefits of consuming a fish. The nutrient content of the fish is compromised.
The fish farms usually provide these unhygienic conditions to the Tilapia fish that are transported to the market for sale. The harmful effects of consuming this fish can result in developing coronary disease, joint disease and asthma. Even carcinogens can accumulate in these fish causing cancer when they are ingested.
Due to these reasons, you must rethink your choice of fish to buy from the market. Including a dish full of chemical and carcinogens can pose a big threat to your health. You must remove Tilapia from your diet chart as it has no nutritious benefit as compared to the great harm it does to your body.


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