Saturday, January 2, 2016

Do you want to dive deeper into your personality? It’s a simple matter of looking down at your hands. The spacing between your fingers, scientifically known as the interdigital folds, is best viewed by putting your hand in a relaxed position and reading the guide below.

A. Big Gap
You personality is as open as the gap on your hands! You are a free spirit and very easygoing. You know the importance of being yourself and not wasting energy trying to please others all the time. You never attempt to hide your feelings and believe in being straightforward. This makes you an extremely friendly and pleasant person to be around.
B. Small Gap
Those with a small gap between their fingers are an interesting mixture. You are open to people, in general, but you also know to keep certain things to yourself. While you are rather reserved, you can be relaxed and have fun. You are very balanced. Another terrific trait of yours is that you are a humorous person. You can tell good jokes any day of the year. Everyone loves to listen to you light up the room.
C. No Gap
If you have no gap between your fingers, it means that you are private. You are more reserved than most and you trust yourself more easily than you trust others. You know that other people need to earn the right to be trusted! You are polite, respectful, and you are a better listener than you are a speaker.
Fingers Sticking Together
•Middle and Index Fingers: If they are close together, you will gain authority through your goals and dreams. If they are apart, you will gain authority through other means.
•Ring Finger Sticking to the Middle Finger: You will have an art related life.
•Little Finger Apart From the Ring Finger: You hold a very independent mind.
The gap between your fingers can show significant aspects of your personality. Now you can analyze anyone of your family and friends based on if they have a big, small, or no gap between their fingers! There appears to be no difference in the right and left hands, according to top studies. So settle down, start looking at hands, and discover who you truly are!


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