Sunday, January 3, 2016

Important information for women to be careful in doing change of clothes or when undressing anywhere because now it has a lot of people who wear two-way mirror as well as a way to peek at someone while changing clothes or when someone undressing.

Two-way mirror is different from biaanya mirror, two-way mirror mirror can make the installer can freely see someone who is in front of the mirror that he pairs. for example, such as a police office when we were there in the interrogation room, we would see around us is filled with glass but we could not see out the glass but they are on the outside glass could see us clearly.

Nowadays a lot of cases where the pair of two-way mirrors in female changing rooms and toilets only for a fad,but the impact is clearly bad course for the women.

It is difficult to identify the surface of the two-way mirror just by looking at it, but do not worry Home Tips will tell how to distinguish common mirror with two-way mirror.

Make a Simple Test With Finger Nails - Place the tip of your nail over the surface of the mirror, if there is a distance (gap) on your nails with your nail dicermin shadow so it can be said it is a regular mirror.

But if there is no distance (gap) and immediately touches the shadow of your nails your nails in the mirror so it is a two-way mirror that you need to be alert, report it immediately or soon leave this place.

This is an easy way to know where the mirror that you can use, and which one you can not use, continue to be vigilant is a good thing to do given today's people always wear things that are not good for their enjoyment.



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