Monday, February 8, 2016

Sleep is so, so good.  So, it makes sense that the position you find yourself in each time you crawl into that cozy bed at night has a lot to do with you as a person and your personality.  Especially if you are the type of person to sleep in the same position every night.
These people might not like to accept change because they won’t be able to fall asleep, they’re always on their back or stomach.  They have special needs and are always willing to move around until they’ve found the right spot.
I’m definitely the type of person to always be on my stomach, so let’s see what these different positions mean:
Sleep on your stomach with hands under the pillow? – You have a welcoming personality, but are sometimes not so good with your emotions which can lead to being sensitive.
Always hugging something? – If you can’t get some Z’s without hugging something then you probably trust others a little too much.  You’re the trustworthy friend whom people can open up to and be themselves around.
Sleep straight like a board? – This position says that you are a quiet and reserved person.  You speak and think highly of yourself, which is a great trait to have.
Do you sleep on your sides? – This is indicative of a very calm and peaceful person, but who sometimes has difficulties with being too trusting.
The snorer – The snorer is often easily irritated, usually within seconds they can become aggressive.  Probably because they don’t get enough sleep.


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