Monday, February 29, 2016

Nowadays, Mountain Dew is one of the most popular drinks throughout the world, and it is consumed by numerous people on a daily basis. Apparently, the biggest threat concerning this drink is the fact that these people are not even aware of its innumerate damaging effects it causes.
Therefore, the aim of this article is to inform you of all the possible negative consequences of its frequent consumption, which may seriously deteriorate your health.
According to research, the consumption of Mountain Dew can seriously damage your fertility rates and cause many other health issues, such as:
  • Immune deficiency problems
  • Developmental issues
  • Neurological complications
  • Adverse reproductive consequences
  • GMO Ingredients
The company that produces it, Pepsi, struggles to assure its consumers that it is absolutely safe to drink it and that its content is not damaging your health. Yet, let us review its ingredients:
  • BPA
  • Yellow dye (a by- product of the production of coal tar)
  • GMO corn and soy
  • Sodium benzoate (this preservative powerfully reacts to vitamin C in the drink and forms carcinogens)
  • BVO (banned in Japan and EU)
Dr. Terri Winn, a children’s dentist, claims that, after Pepsi and Coke, Mountain Dew is the third most acidic soft drink.
To illustrate this, we will compare unsweetened tea, which is one of the least acidic drinks, with a pH level of 7.2, and battery acid, one of the most acidic substances, with a pH level of 1. Well, this popular drink, has a pH level of 3.2.
A rather disturbing fact concerning this drink is the one regarding the hygiene. Namely, there was a disgusting claim about it by Ronald Ball in 2009. In his Mountain Dew drink, he found something jelly- like, and after pouring out the contents, he discovered parts of a tiny mouse along with this substance.
He contacted Pepsi and explained the issue, so after their representative examined it, they responded that the mouse would have long dissolved before this man would have opened his Mountain Dew Can.
we are not sure what sounds more disturbing, whether the fact that Ball found parts of a mouse in his drink or the response of Pepsi that Mountain Dew contains substances that are that powerful to completely dissolve it. Yet, do you dare to keep drinking it until you discover it on your own?
It Seriously damages the Reproductive System
Numerous studies suggest that the use of Mountain Dew may shrink the reproductive organs of a man. Yet, these claims are not scientifically confirmed yet, but it is extremely harmful is there is a link between these two.
The containers of Mountain Dew may distort the balance of the hormones as they contain BPA in the linings, whose aim is to inhibit the destruction of the container by the drink’s acidity.


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