Sunday, March 20, 2016

The struggle for life makes you try everything. What you believe in and what you suspect. Ann Cameron is an American author of children’s books who had a cancer of the colon. - 

She had numerous surgical procedures, tried all kinds of medical advice and did not have any improvement, in contrast, the cancer spread in lungs as well.
In such hopeless situation, seeking any advice and suggestions, reading online experiences of many others, she decided to try what helped a 26-year-old, who daily drank 2,5 kg carrot juice.
She practiced the same several times a day for 8 months. When she went on a medical examination, the results proved that the cancer ceased to spread, tumors declined, as well as the swelling of the lymph glands.
In the next 4 months, she continued with the same treatment and the lymph glands were completely purified from inflammation and cancer cells continued to shrink.
Carotene is the main ingredient of carrot which is credited with preventing the development of tumor cells.
After this experience, Ann wrote a book that told the entire process, which she recommends to all, but certainly in consultation with doctors.
Why don’t you drink carrot juice too?
  • Carrots provide enzymes necessary for optimal balance of nutrients.
  • Carrots have strong antibacterial properties.
  • help in the regulation of blood sugar levels because they contain carotenoids
  • Serve as a remedy for liver problems
  • Useful for those who have dry skin because they make it soft and smooth
  • Protect the eyes and good vision
  • Protect against heart disease and cancer
  • Drink carrot juice if you have problems with stomach or digestion
  • superbly clean and revitalize the liver


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