Monday, March 21, 2016

In 1971, in a Tibetan monastery, the UNESCO expedition found a recipe of the old Chinese homeopathic remedy, which was translated from a clay tablet. This medicine is published in many languages and it is close to the medicine since the 20th century. And it is assumed to be 2-3 thousand years old.

For the preparation of this remedy you will need:
Garlic – 350 grams
96% Alcohol – 300 ml

Preparation: Clean the garlic and mash it in a wooden bowl than place it in a glass bowl (jar) than add the alcohol. Mix it and close it well. Store it in a cold place for 10 days. Strain the liquid through thick gauze and let it rest for 3 days. In this way the remedy is ready for use.
The remedy is taken by scheme with 50 grams fresh milk (room temperature), as follows:
1st day1 drop2 drops3 drops
2nd day4 drops5 drops6 drops
3th day7 drops8 drops9 drops
4th day10 drops11 drops12 drops
5th day13 drops14 drops15 drops
6th day15 drops14 drops13 drops
7th day12 drops11 drops10 drops
8th day9 drops8 drops7 drops
9th day6 drops5 drops4 drops
10th  day3 drops2 drops1 drop
11th day25 drops25 drops25 drops

Effects of the remedy use:
  • Releases the body from fat deposits.
  • Improves the elasticity of the blood vessels
  • Eliminate toxins from the body
  • Improves the metabolism and the elasticity of the blood vessels.
  • Prevents heart attack, sclerosis, stenocardia, apoplexy and tumor.
  • Improves the vision.
  • Prevents headaches.
  • Rejuvenates the body (slows aging).
The entire content of the remedy should be spent, so after 11 days continue to use the remedy three times a day, 25 drops.
Retreatment is recommended after 5 years.


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