Friday, March 4, 2016

Fat arms are extremely unpleasant, and are generally caused by the excess fat deposits around the arms. Their main cause is aging. However, even though you can easily or quickly burn excess fat in some other body parts, the fat on the arms is far from easy to be removed.
However, the road to happiness is the same as in any other case of excess fat on the body, it is the combination of some important changes in lifestyle and regular exercise.
If you belong to the group of those who struggle to burn the excess fat deposits on the arms, the video below will provide some amazing and useful tips on how to eliminate it with a proper workout routine.
However, before you start with these exercises, you need to make some essential changes in your lifestyle, as follows:
  1. Healthy diet
In order to prevent or eliminate excess fat on the arms, you need to carefully construct your eating regime, and incorporate more vegetables and fruits in your regular diet.
Moreover, include more fiber-rich foods, which will accelerate your metabolism and stimulate the burning of calories. Also, you should consume proteins and complex carbohydrates like starch as well.
  1. Smaller meals
Avoid eating 2-3 big meals during the day. Instead, divide your food in 4-5 smaller meals.
  1. Do not avoid breakfast
Remember to never avoid your breakfast, in order to prevent being too hungry at the end of the day.
  1. Drink large amounts of water
You will significantly accelerate your metabolism if you drink lots of water. Moreover, drink water before meals, as it will make you feel fuller and it will help you reduce the size of the portion.
  1. Drink green tea
Try to start the day with a cup of green tea, as it accelerates the metabolism. Drink it during the entire day, as well, at least, 3-4 cups.
  1. Cardio exercises
These exercises will help you eliminate excess fat, and will help your body burn more calories. Therefore, jump, run, swim, hike!
  1. Take the stairs, not the elevator
Believe it or not, this simple change will provide magnificent results. You will burn many calories and your strength and energy will be increased.


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