Saturday, March 5, 2016

mother's love is the greatest force and connection that people could ever feel. The never-ending love and sacrifice is so true that no human being could ever replace it. 

When a mother is crying, it seems as if the world is breaking down because it is very heart breaking. 

The link that connects the mother and the son is so strong that no one could ever break it. 

The sadness of this mother can be felt and seen through these photographs. She was taking last photos of her and her son who passed away when a tragic accident happened last February 27, 2016. 

The son Clyde was with his father and aunt when several men fired multiple gunshots towards their car. This took away the lives of three innocent people.

Leiann claims that her husband was already receiving death threats before this incident happened. The police are still looking for the suspect and is still investigating on what happened.


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