Friday, March 18, 2016

Many people consume foods that are globally known as unhealthy products for our organism.They increase our weight and put our health in danger. Here is one 3 day- detox diet which will help in reduce of your addiction towards the processed foods.
Remember before starting this program and way of detox you must clean your organism out of the dairy products. Do not consume dairy products 2 days before starting this program and ensure that your lungs and body are clean from toxins which dairy products are serving.
The night before start take herbal tea for cleaning the intestines and prevent constipation.
The following day make yourself  ½ cup of grapefruit juice while taking breakfast and if you don’t like the taste of course you can add pineapple juice or dilute with water.
For body alkalization take 1 to 1.5 cup of pure carrot juice between breakfast and lunch. Beta- carotene is one compound which is very beneficial for the respiratory system.

At lunch make yourself a drink, take parsley, celery, carrots, sea greens and spinach that have large amounts of potassium and take 1.5 from the juice. For cleaning the body, potassium is excellent antioxidant.
If you cannot make your potassium juice you can take Noni juice instead diluted in water. Noni can be found in pharmacies and healthy food markets.
One hour before dinner you should drink 1 cup of mucus tea.
The tea has peppermint, ginger and rose hips that work against mucus build up, congestion and stuffy nose.  The tea can be purchased from health stores.
One hour before dinner you should drink 1 cup of mucus tea.
Before going to bed take 340ml pure cranberry juice. If you have any infection in your lungs, this juice will fight it because of its beneficial antioxidants. . All the infection caused by bacteria in your lungs will be gone.
This fights bacteria in the lungs which can cause infection.   Cranberries are extremely beneficial antioxidants for your system.
For total detox, clean lungs, no fat this procedure should be repeated the same throughout the treatment. Amazing results are following.



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