Monday, March 7, 2016

Celery is a common ingredient in super-tasty soups and stews, and it is also considered to be ”model’s favorite snack.” This green veggie is low in calories, which practically means that you will burn more calories while chewing it than it usually contains. Or at least that is what some say.

However, it is still true that celery is one of the best veggies you should snack every day.
It is native to the countries in the Middle West and the Mediterranean, but it is used in almost every kitchen throughout the world. It is interesting to mention how every bit of the plant can be used and consumed, so use both its leaves and stalks to empower the taste of your dishes.
Celery has a distinctive salty flavor, and its nutritional values is quite astonishing. It offers a plethora of vitamins and minerals, and here we would like to mention that it is incredibly abundant in vitamin C, the vitamin that strengthens your immune system. Celery is also packed with potassium and folic acid, and the body needs these to carry out its functions properly.
In this article we give you some great reasons to start using celery today, and enjoy its benefits.
1. Relieve stress
It is the best natural tool you can use to reduce stress, due to its high magnesium content. Magnesium is known for its ability to soothe nerves. Snack some celery before you go to bed to get some good night’s sleep.
2. Regulate blood pressure
Due to its high potassium content, celery can help you deal with high blood pressure. Its phthalides soothe muscles that surround the arteries. In this way blood vessels dilate with no trouble, causing the blood pressure to drop with ease.
3. Decrease cholesterol
The very same phthalides in celery can also decrease bad cholesterol. These mighty compounds stimulate the production of bile acid, which aids in reducing LDL cholesterol. Nutritionists suggest that you eat 2 celery sticks every day.
4. Prevent premature aging
Celery offers large amounts of antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E, and other beneficial nutrients. Its antioxidant power works against toxins and prevents skin-aging. Vitamin E moisturizes and nourishes skin.
5. Relieve inflammation
Given that it is an anti-inflammatory, celery relieves pain induced by any form of inflammation. Luteolin gives celery its huge anti-inflammatory potential, and it reduces the inflammation in the hippocampus, or the part of your brain that is responsible for your memory.
6. Relieve menstrual symptoms
Anethole is naturally contained in celery. This phytochemical has shown to regulate hot flashes during menstruation. Celery offers 50 different compounds with a distinguishing power to relieve menstrual symptoms, including abdominal pain, bloating, and headaches.


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