Saturday, March 5, 2016

If you often go in a fast -food resaurants, you are probably not aware what are you trully eating. Continue reading and you will see why it is a very bad decision. While you eat your fast-food burger, you are actually eating beetles feathers or crushed duck. Here are some of the most disgusting additives you’re consuming when you go to the fast’food restaurants:
Pink slime: While everybody thinks they are eating chicken in McDonald’s when biting the McNuggetsfrom, it’s not true. They contain chicken parts that no one wants to eat like chicken carcass and bones.Other compounds can be found in some of McDonald’s food such as pink slime that contain ammonia for destroying bacteria and small levels of petroleum.
Wood (cellulose): In order to enhance the fiber levels, substitute fat and thick their food products, the fast-food restaurants use the cellulose or wood pulp.
Silly Putty Plastic: Dimethylpolysilioxane is some kind of silicon which is used in the fryer oils. These oils are used by McDonald’s for fries adn their Filet-O-Fish. It would’t be so surprising if they use these oils for everything that is deep-fried in other fast-food restaurants. McDonald’s stretchy toys include it too.
Petroleum-derived preservatives (TBHQ): It is made from ingredients gained from petroleum. McDonald’s uses it in total of 18 food products like their McNuggets, Walnut Salad and Griddle Cakes.
Soil fetrilizer (ammonium sulfate):  It can be found in many backery products because it is used in food industry as ‘’yeast food for bread’’, and it’s also sold by fast-food restaurants.
Duck Feathers: Although it has never been proved, it is known that McDonald’s company includes duck feathers or some substances originated from them in their Baked Hot Apple Pie. There is also a myth that McDonald’s company includes cow eyeballs in their hamburgers.
It is no surprise why the fast-food industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Using these kind of ingredients is the reason. According to the statistics, nowadays  $200 billions are spent for fast-food yearly, and 40 years ago that number was only $6 billions.


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