Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Here is a very strong message regarding the dangers of Facebook. This has gone viral and for good reason. EVERY PARENT SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS.

Now it’s your little girl’s first day of school! She looks so cute! Oh, you just have to take a picture of her with your phone, right? And of course you then have to proceed to post it on Facebook, right? You know you will get a whole lot of “likes” and that’s going to make your ego feel really good, right?

Why look! There’s a convenient “check in” function on Facebook too! You can “check in” and show everyone that you are currently performing mommy duties at so and so school and you are dropping your kid off for her first day!
Well of course you have to include a cute little caption to the photo and check in. So you write:
“Wow does time fly by being a mommy. My baby girl at her first day of big kid school. So sad and teary eyed but she looks so adorable, doesn’t she?”
Now you remember that random person you “friended” of Facebook. The cute guy who you probably thought was a friend of a friend. Well, that guy has received your latest “status update.” He’s then proceeded to download the photo of your little daughter. He’s then sent that photo to over 60 other older men all across the world. Oh, and he also wrote a caption for the photo. His caption is a little different than yours though. It goes something like this:
“American Female. Age 5.
Blonde Hair. Green Eyes.”
Well genius, you not only gave a picture of your cute daughter to the internet for any perv to download, you’ve also shared it with a potential trafficker and 60 of his friends, and thanks to your need for “checking in” he now has the exact location where she goes to school and knows the time from your posting when you drop her off.
It’s now the end of the school day and you can’t wait to pick up your little precious and take her home. Maybe you can do another status update pic and post it on Facebook! Only one problem. There’s no daughter there for you to take a photo of and update your status with.
She’s been kidnapped and by now sold to some 50-year-old pedophile scum, likely on her way to Mexico, covered and gagged. Totally horrified and forever traumatized. All because of your ignorant social media behavior.
Will you please stop adding stranger friends to you Facebook? Is that “extra attention” really worth all the potential safety risks?
Stop using social media to feed your ego and jeopardize your family!
Stop posting your whole life on the internet. It’s likely no one cares anyway, and also very likely the ones that do have a hidden agenda.
And for the Love of God, stop posting your children’s photos on social media, especially as profile pics!
Please share this message to start waking parents up regarding the very real dangers that exist and how too many parents willingly open the door, inviting that danger right in.
source   damn.com


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